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Make money selling and/or marketing our products and services that fits your individual style. No one individual likes to market or sell products or services the same way. Their are a variety of ways to market or sell. Some enjoy doing house parties, while some may prefer a swap meet or selling online. Just click on our card image above after you see what product line is the most interesting to you. You can start with a small investment or simple start by getting paid to do referrals. This is totally up to you. We use several companies  to produce products which showcase our designs, art, and photo. We love to here from you.We only use quality products and will not settle for less. Excellent customer service is what we feel is essential to be a successful company. DECO-MARK has come along way. We are growing rapidly and we would like to have you join our team. DECO-MARK is seeking individuals who want to work with our various marketing and selling projects. DECO-MARK specialize in fine art. We will train you every step of the way. Feel free to take a survey and sumit comments located on our quick shop page. In the upper left corner of our quick shop page we have a list of items in our  DECO-MARK Associate kit. The cost is based on how you choose to custom your starter kit.