About Us   

The question is asked, what is DECO-MARK. We are a company that specializes in fine art. Cheryl Turner. We market her art on various online galleries and local art shows. Her art is unique and upscale is style. Many that have seen her work responded positively. In the section of graphic design includes creating a large variety of tangible goods to promote business or organization. In addition, our graphic design service is a great resource to fit into any occassion.


Business cards and car mats are great tools to showcase your business. We take the load off for needing to use creation energy. Wearable goods like t shirts and jackets is a fantastic way to promote your organization or express your views Cheryl Turner is passionate about creating art. We offer website development to promote your company. As a company of great integraty, we work hard to meet and exceed what is needful to meet your promotional goals while staying within your budget. Branding is part of our graphic design sector. We can place custom logos,photos or graphic designs on a variety of  products.